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10 Reasons Why You Should Swap All of Your Old Straps for the ESO Strap

It'd be easy to mistake ESO Strap for a luxury item - It looks stylish, and we use the finest materials possible. But comfort isn't a luxury... and especially after hours of playing - EVERYONE deserves a better guitar strap that is built to deliver the best playing experience possible. The following are 10 reasons you should swap out ALL of your guitar straps for the ESO Strap today!


1. The patented, contoured "S" shape of the ESO Strap ensures that the strap will rest perfectly on the body, while avoiding key pressure points in your shoulder, neck, and back. It will never cut into your neck, nor will it ever slip off your shoulder.

2. The unique shape of the ESO Strap keeps your guitar or bass from pulling away from the body, which reduces tension in your shoulder neck and back.

3. ESO Strap's patented in-seam guitar pick pockets enable you to seamlessly replace or store your picks, so you'll never miss a strum if you drop a pick!    

4. Two smooth-stop polymer easy adjustors - one in the front, and one in the back - help you achieve the perfect length without having to take the guitar off to adjust.

5. Consisting of a high density foam core, the padding of the strap delivers optimal comfort, while it continues to form to your body over time.

6. Reinforced stitching on all critical points throughout the strap makes ESO Strap a lifelong product.

7. 1 oz urethane DWR moisture coating keeps perspiration out, ensuring that your strap will not retain an odor.

8. The ESO Strap is made of high quality commercial grade fabric, which reduces the chances of stretching or pilling.

9. Because of the thoughtful yet minimal aesthetic, ESO Strap delivers the comfort of a "bulky strap" without looking bulky.

10. The strap features enable you to play for longer periods of time with less or no discomfort.


But don't take our word for it!  Check out what people are saying about ESO Strap. 


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