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The Northwest Makes You a Better Musician

Ok maybe not better but definitely more productive. One thing all of us here in the Northwest know is that when the sun is out you better enjoy it. The summers are like Christmas morning for 2-3 months straight. Everyone becomes full of contagious energy, because we can finally enjoy outside without wearing a jacket! Everywhere you go is lush and green due to the winter rainfall, which adds an amazing backdrop to any activity. It’s awesome.

However, the other 9 months of the year can also be great when it comes to writing music. Rain, overcast skies and general lack of sunlight make you more introspective. In, addition to the natural act or process of looking into oneself, you simply have more time to do it, which is ideal for writing and recording.

Not many people in the Northwest are jumping out of bed in the morning to go skate or surf in the rain. We prefer a nice coffee or micro brew, good conversation and the art of your choosing. These are all ingredients for making great music.

Here are a few Northwest bands that help support this theory:


-Modest Mouse

-Sound Garden

-Jimmy Hendrix

-Pearl Jam

Are you looking to enhance your artistic side? If so, you might consider moving to the Northwest...


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