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5 Pedals Every Guitarist Should Own


I spent years in search of the perfect pedal board, and for the moment I may have found it. These 5 effect pedals enable even a rookie the ability to create anything from a dirty grunge to a beautiful shoe gaze.

  1. The Big Muff by Electro-Harmonix. This pedal provides in its most basic term “fuzz.” Distortion is not fuzz. This is an absolute essential for any guitarist. It rounds out your board, and can act as either a frontrunner or back up effect. If you want to elongate your riff or create elusive feedback this is your new best friend. They are extremely affordable and I recommend the “little big muff” as it gives you the same big sound without dominating precious real estate. Price: $79
  1. The “Hall of Fame” by TC Electronic. This is a great effect and it provides much more than flawless reverb. It has multiple settings and varying ranges of reverb. Everything from a basic melodic layer or a heavy spaced out over tone. Great for layering other effects and especially beautiful if paired with delay. Price: $149
  1. RC-3 Loop Station by Boss. It is like having a band member that never disagrees with you and always stays on tempo. You could actually replace the need for an additional person with this pedal. It has built in drum tracks you can practice with or use as a click track when recording. If you typically play by yourself you will love this pedal. You can easily record keys, bass or any other rhythm and leave the fun lead parts to yourself. Also, the RC-3 is much better than the previous versions because you can record up 99 memory presets. Price: $179
  1. DD-6 Digital Delay by Boss. This is a timeless pedal. On it’s own it can be fairly underwhelming, but paired with an analog delay it creates an elongated sound that effortlessly draws emotion and depth to your music. Also, a great pairing with distortion to round things out. In fact, I pair this with everything. Price: $99.
  1. The GT-500 by Fulltone. I think this is the best distortion pedal you can buy for the money because it includes a boost and overdrive that can be layered or used separately. The distortion effects are very clean and can adjust to handle everything from metal to rock. If you are looking for a simple overdrive use the left switch. If you need a strong or mild distortion use the right switch. Anything in between; use both. Price: $120

We will always need more pedals; but I could be stuck on an island with these 5 pedals, an amp, a guitar and of course an ESO Strap for the rest of time.


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  • Cole

    I love the RC-3! Can’t agree more about replacing a band member. LOL!

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