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It went Bo Jackson then Deion Sanders NOW Trouble Andrew

 We are use to seeing athletes, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs do one thing at a high level. However, once in a while you get to witness someone do few things at the highest level. For Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders this was football and baseball, but for Trouble Andrew this is snowboarding and music.

Trevor Andrew AKA Trouble Andrew was born in Nova Scotia, Canada and made his name as a pro snowboarder at a very young age. He then spent the majority of his later life traveling to far away places and participating in both the 2000 XGames and two winter Olympics. In short, he is a legend in the world of pro snowboarding.

In 2004 Trevor suffered from a tragic knee injury that put him down for 9 months. Most people would have taken to hot soup and depressing mix tapes, but Trevor chose to unintentionally reinvent himself as the pop punk/genre killer we know today. He contributes the encouragement in this direction to his wife Santi White who most of you know as the Philadelphia born artist Santigold. She thought his early tapes showed talent and pushed him to release his first self-titled album in 2007 that featured hits such as “Chase Money” ,“Uh Oh” and “No Good.”

After re-releasing his self titled album in 2008 through Virgin Records, Trouble went on to create his own label Trouble Gang Records, where he has produced everything from southern rap influenced mix tapes to skate pop albums like “Dreams of a Troubled Man” and most recently “The Unpopular Pop Artist.” He has also done several “big name” collaborations over the years. It’s crazy how talented this guy is and it doesn’t stop there. More recently he has added to his brand with creative extensions like GucciGhost and TroubleVision where he features his digital media concepts, music and anything art related.

You never know what Trevor is up to. You might find him skating in Brooklyn, snowboarding in Whistler, shooting video for LOLAWOLF, making cuts in the studio or experimenting with street or quiet art. Whether you like or love what he’s up to, you have to respect his relentless pursuit of creation.

In addition to being incredibly talented Trevor is very humble when it comes to his success. His family seems to extend well beyond blood relatives. He is known for showing love to those who have supported to him over the years such as Burton, Gravis, Pro Skates, Oakley and more recently Native Shoes, Nixon, Monster Energy and YES Snowboards.

We could go on and on about Trouble but I think it’s better you just check him out:

Here's a few of our favorites from Trouble Andrew:

I think I know

Spider & The Fly


Want it all

Chase Money

Trouble Andrew SoundCloud:

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