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Northwest Spotlight: Witherow

Being from Seattle, we love to feature bands creating unique and inspiring music right here in our own back yard. As most of you know, it is not hard to find amazing talent within our city limits, but often times the outliers are the ones to watch. The Olympic Peninsula band, Witherow, has been catching the attention of much more than just music lovers here in Seattle. Formed by musicians/sweethearts Abby Mae Latson and Dillan Witherow, this group is certainly onto something different.

Beyond their dynamic vocal ranges, you will find they have a unique way of dovetailing traditional folk rock with modern and sometimes ominous guitar undertones. Their songs have a timeless aesthetic that give any listener just enough of everything they love. However, the most prominent trait they carry might be how sincere their music comes across. While watching them perform you can see subtle glimmers of just how much they truly respect each other as both musicians and partners.

Seeing Abby and Dillan together is quite beautiful, and when listening to them you can’t help but think about what a better life might be. A life that is slower, where pictures are brighter and the best moments and memories last longer. It’s hard to describe… Best to check them out yourself: Witherow 


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