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Jim Ward = Renaissance Man

Sometimes there are musicians do incredible things beyond their music. Let’s take a moment to admire Jim Ward.

You may recognize the name as the guitarist for the post-hardcore band At The Drive In, front man of Sparta and Sleeper Car or perhaps you have a had a sweet taste of one of his solo projects. In short; he is an incredible artist who continues to surprise us. Primarily because each project he works on is very different than the last. It’s obvious he has true passion and skill for creating music rather than chasing fads.

In addition to his music abilities did you know that Jim has and still owns, bars/music venues, restaurants, cafes and non-profits? How about the fact he was a key note speaker at TEDx El Paso? As long time fans we thought this was especially impressive for a guy who grew up in the small town of El Paso, TX and became famous at age 17!

Many famous musicians or people go on to do interesting things, but many times rely on their publisher or agent to make it possible. Jim is a self made musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist. In addition to his professional accolades he is a really nice and down to earth guy that lives life by the mantra of “nah nah nah; It’s going to be cool.” I met him at a show in Olympia, WA once and thought: Man, I wish I was that cool…

Here are some links to some of his music and otherwise:


At The Drive In


Wiki - Sleepercar

Wiki - Sparta

Lines in the Sand

Ted X




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