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Need a Gear Podcast?

With so much noise in the world of music these days, the one problem many gear nerds face is the endless pursuit of a good podcast… Search no more.

Blake Wyland of Portland, OR created Tone Mob in March of 2015, after imagining a world where people might actually listen, and join him in the mutual obsession of guitars, pedals, amps and tone. From his humble beginnings of a few nerds, his listener community of gear enthusiasts has expanded worldwide.

What we appreciate most about Blake's podcast is there is no cheese ballin. Just real dudes talking about cool things. Most of Blake’s segments are simply interviews with people from all corners of the music industry. People creating effects pedals, guitars, picks, amps etc.. It's refreshing that he chose to focus on both the people behind the companies as well as the amazing the products they create. Don’t take my word for it. Go check it out


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