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Need Gear Demos? Gear-Talk.Com

A couple weeks I did a post for my fellow gear nerds in search of a good podcast. Now we must move onto gear reviews/demos. This is arguably the most important resource an artist needs. Look no further:

If you are like me, you often spend hours researching your next guitar, pedals, amp, or hey, even the best guitar straps! Lance Seymour of Gear Talk has created a place for musicians, which provides a one-stop shop to all your needs. Unlike many of the gear “reviewers” out there, Lance is a no BS guy. The days of trying to cut through a windbag reviewers video in order to get what you need are over. Just straightforward demos of the best gear on the market. Since starting his humble beginnings with only a few followers, his army has grown to thousands.

Check it out:


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