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Get Skinny

Why wait until the New Year to get skinny?  We would like to introduce the Skinny Strap.  Yes, skinny.  The strap is only 1.5" wide making it one of the slimmest guitar straps on the market.   We have taken the classic seatbelt strap to a whole new level.  Capped on both ends with the finest Brazilian Leather end pieces and paired with with our patented fluid-motion pick pocket, this strap is the best money can buy.  Call it a stylistic choice with bonus points for functionality.  The Skinny Strap delivers timeless look and unmatched innovation.  Offered at only $29.99 with free US shipping, this guitar strap is sure to make you and your loved ones smile this season. Check it...

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ESO Strap Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary w/ 20% Off Sale

It's hard to believe its already been 2 years, and yet we've come such a long way.  In the time since the black ESO Strap for guitar launched, we've introduced a bass strap, as well as multiple color options for both guitar and bass.As a thank you to our fans - and with the support of our friends over at GearTalk - we would like to extend a special 20% off discount on your next ESO Strap purchase! Simply use promo code: GEAR2 upon checkout, and hang your guitar with class and style!  (Your shoulder, neck and back will thank us!)Stay tuned for more exciting innovations coming your way very soon, and thank you for an amazing 2 years! Promotion ends: October...

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Pedals or Band Members..?

People start bands every day, and the first thought is usually to find members. Two guitarists, a bass player, drummer, vocals, and keys etc… Why all these people? Less really can be more. The less people needed to make a decision the better. I have been in both 4 and 5 piece bands, as well worked with large teams in business. It can be a nightmare… A few years ago my buddy and I started a 3-piece band. Me (guitar & vocals) him drums, and one other friend playing bass. It was simple from a collaborative perspective but lacking in sound. To solve this problem we had to get creative. The solution was integrating 2 Boss RC-2 loop stations. Each one...

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Am I Good Enough to Join a Band?

There are a lot of musicians out there who choose not to join a band as they think they are not good enough… Who cares! Just do it, at the very least you will get WAYYYY better. I am writing this to encourage people who play casually or alone to seek out other musicians to jam with. The fear of not being good enough or simple lack in motivation is no reason to not join bands. Nothing compares to the feeling you get from practicing or performing with other artists. It’s like speaking a language that only musicians understand; and having amazing conversations in that language. It’s awesome!  At one point in life I found myself in this rut. I...

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