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ESO Strap Turns 2!

On August, 11th of 2017 we officially turned 2 years old. It seems like just yesterday that we decided to start a guitar strap company… Yes. Everyone thought we were crazy, and probably still do. Who cares! It has been so much fun to design a product that people now know and buy worldwide. Beyond just the company milestones it has been an incredible journey of growth, creativity and entrepreneurship.  After launching our original black ESO Strap in 2015, we were quickly picked up by many of the major magazines and even named one of the most innovative products of 2015 by Ultimate guitar. Fast forward two years later and we have 7 colors, 2 lengths and a bass guitar...

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Studio Quality Sound for All

The process of recording music is now easier than ever.  Programs as simple as GarageBand, or as complex as Pro Tools, offer us the ability to capture studio quality sound from any room in the house.  It is incredible. We should wake up each day with a huge smile on our face for these blessings. A recent example of just how far we have come is when we recorded the music for one of our ESO Strap videos in just a few hours. It was as simple as this: overlayed 2 rythm guitars, 3 lead guitars, voice over, bass and a drum track in under 3 hours… Again, this is incredible. However, in high school I remember having to hook up one VHS camcorder,...

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