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5 Pedals Every Guitarist Should Own

  I spent years in search of the perfect pedal board, and for the moment I may have found it. These 5 effect pedals enable even a rookie the ability to create anything from a dirty grunge to a beautiful shoe gaze. The Big Muff by Electro-Harmonix. This pedal provides in its most basic term “fuzz.” Distortion is not fuzz. This is an absolute essential for any guitarist. It rounds out your board, and can act as either a frontrunner or back up effect. If you want to elongate your riff or create elusive feedback this is your new best friend. They are extremely affordable and I recommend the “little big muff” as it gives you the same big sound...

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Managing Concept to Creation may be your Best Option

Building ESO Strap has given us the chance to explore so many creative outlets. We have always had an interest in digital recording but the world of photography and video was still very foreign. When starting this company we had initially intended to outsource all of our digital media, but due to time constraints during launch we were forced to take these challenges on ourselves. Looking back we are thankful this happened because it forced us to spend money on our own equipment rather than someone else’s services. However, the pressure was on us to manage everything from concept to creation; and fast! We handled all of the photography, video, digital recording and design work used to represent our brand in-house. Reflecting on this we realized that it...

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