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Southern Spotlight: The Van Lears

We love music of all kinds, but even more importantly we love to acknowledge good people making great music. The Van Lears; Andrew and Trey check the boxes on both fronts. These brothers hail from the mountains of Northwest Georgia and are definitely onto something. Let me start by saying country music has come a long way. Being from the Pacific Northwest the natural exposure to this genre is quite limited beyond the classics. However, there is some amazing new talent emerging, and the influence now stretches far beyond CMT.   The Van Lears are a great example of this new genre, as they have perfectly dovetailed the traditional aesthetic of country with layers of pure rock. Their single “Matter...

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It went Bo Jackson then Deion Sanders NOW Trouble Andrew

  We are use to seeing athletes, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs do one thing at a high level. However, once in a while you get to witness someone do few things at the highest level. For Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders this was football and baseball, but for Trouble Andrew this is snowboarding and music. Trevor Andrew AKA Trouble Andrew was born in Nova Scotia, Canada and made his name as a pro snowboarder at a very young age. He then spent the majority of his later life traveling to far away places and participating in both the 2000 XGames and two winter Olympics. In short, he is a legend in the world of pro snowboarding. In 2004 Trevor suffered...

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