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The ESO Strap 'Little Wing' Challenge - Winner #1

We asked our fans to post their best version of the song "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix, and followed that up with a question... "What makes for a good cover song?"  Well as the many submissions so far have proven, the answer is far from simple. Whether you impress us with your precision, or stun us with your creativity, the one and only criterium we're judging by is impact.

Our first winner of the "Little Wing"Challenge is.. 

Congratulations Aaron Abercrombie! @aaronjac0b 

There are still two more chances to win, with our next announcement coming this Thursday, February 22.  Good luck, and thanks for your participation!  #esostrap #littlewing

Limited Time Offer!  SAVE 10% + FREE SHIPPING thru Feb.28 w/ special promo code: LITTLEWING 





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