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Music Spotlight: The Drums

This year, The Drums from NYC dropped their 5th full length album "Abymals Thoughts."  If you have not seen this band live yet, we highly recommend!  This may sound exaggerated but, frontman Johnny Pierce has a Jim Morrison like stage performance.  Unique show to say the least.   It has been fun watching this band evolve over the years.  What started out as simple, poppy surf music that reminded you of a simpler time.  A time when kids ate ice creams, lit sparklers and drank cola out of a bottle, has slowly evolved into an emotional obituary of indie pop. All of their genres have been perfectly executed.   Also, not only has the music evolved, but so has the band.  What started...

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The ESO Strap 'Little Wing' Challenge - Winner #1

We asked our fans to post their best version of the song "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix, and we followed that with a question... "What makes for a good cover song?"  Well as the many submissions so far have proven, the answer is far from simple. Whether you impress us with your precision, or stun us with your creativity, the one and only criterium we're judging by is impact.

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Get Skinny

Why wait until the New Year to get skinny?  We would like to introduce the Skinny Strap.  Yes, skinny.  The strap is only 1.5" wide making it one of the slimmest guitar straps on the market.   We have taken the classic seatbelt strap to a whole new level.  Capped on both ends with the finest Brazilian Leather end pieces and paired with with our patented fluid-motion pick pocket, this strap is the best money can buy.  Call it a stylistic choice with bonus points for functionality.  The Skinny Strap delivers timeless look and unmatched innovation.  Offered at only $29.99 with free US shipping, this guitar strap is sure to make you and your loved ones smile this season. Check it...

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Music Spotlight: Within Reach

The 5 piece Within Reach from Fontana, CA is preparing to release their 2nd EP "The Art Of Skepticism" on November 6th.  I was able to catch up with guitarist Junior Jacobs and discuss the new album: How long have you guys been working on this album? "We have been working on this for years.  It feels like our sound is finally in the place we had always wanted it to be.  The first album was a tester and very rushed, where this one we took our time with.  This is our new formula." You guys have been through a few lineups in terms of member, how is the synergy with the band these days? " Its good man.  Really good.  We are...

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