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ESO Strap Turns 2!

On August, 11th of 2017 we officially turned 2 years old. It seems like just yesterday that we decided to start a guitar strap company… Yes. Everyone thought we were crazy, and probably still do. Who cares! It has been so much fun to design a product that people now know and buy worldwide. Beyond just the company milestones it has been an incredible journey of growth, creativity and entrepreneurship.  After launching our original black ESO Strap in 2015, we were quickly picked up by many of the major magazines and even named one of the most innovative products of 2015 by Ultimate guitar. Fast forward two years later and we have 7 colors, 2 lengths and a bass guitar...

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Music Spotlight: The Drums

This year, The Drums from NYC dropped their 5th full length album "Abymals Thoughts."  If you have not seen this band live yet, we highly recommend!  This may sound exaggerated but, frontman Johnny Pierce has a Jim Morrison like stage performance.  Unique show to say the least.   It has been fun watching this band evolve over the years.  What started out as simple, poppy surf music that reminded you of a simpler time.  A time when kids ate ice creams, lit sparklers and drank cola out of a bottle, has slowly evolved into an emotional obituary of indie pop. All of their genres have been perfectly executed.   Also, not only has the music evolved, but so has the band.  What started...

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Music Spotlight: Sales

  Maybe it was the long winter here in the Northwest, or maybe it just is...  The Orlando based indie rock group, Sales, have really kept our attention.  If we had to describe this 3 piece in a few words it would be: Simple, Chill and Interesting.   When listening to them you might find yourself day dreaming more than usual...  You will know what we mean.  If you are looking for something to fill your quiet time, be sure to check these tracks out: "Getting it on", "Ivy" or "Thurs 6-25"...  Enjoy! Listen Now    

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We Got Our Patents!

2016 was a big year for us here at ESO Strap. In our second year of business we released 6 new colors, additional lengths and a bass strap offered in 7 colors! It was busy to say the least. However, with all that rad news, the biggest win might just be the two patents we received from the USPTO. We were issued 2 utility patents for both the contoured shape of the ESO Strap, and fluid motion pick-pocket’s designed to ease the replacement or storage of a guitar pick. Up to this point, these concepts were still “pending” approval. Utility patents can take years to issue and cost a lot of dough. All the nail biting paid off…   Also, it’s...

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Given the quick success we had with our original ESO Strap last year, we decided to expand our line with the introduction of a bass strap. Guess what?  They sold out in 2 weeks!   We are now back in production and will be adding some additional colors/lengths to both versions.  Thank you so much for another amazing year in business!   Cheers and Happy New Years!

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