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1. Do you offer different lengths?
Yes!  We offer regular and long versions for all our straps.  
2. Can I exchange for a different color or length?
Of course!  If you receive your strap and would like to exchange for a different color or length please email us to get started.  All we ask is you pay to ship back to us and we will take care of the rest.
3. Do strap locks work with the ESO Strap?
Yes.  However, our end pieces are extra thick (1/8") to ensure no rips or tears, so be sure your locks will accommodate this.  Dunlop strap locks work very well with our products. 4. Where are our products made? All of our materials are sources in the US and manufactured in Seattle, WA.
5. What is different about the ESO Strap?
The ESO Strap has a patented contoured shape.  This shape provides better weight distribution and avoids the pressure points on your shoulder neck and back.  No more cutting into your neck!  Also, we included a patented "fluid motion pick pocket" on the end piece; allowing seamless replacement or storage of your picks.  Lastly, only the highest quality materials are used in our products.
7. Does sweat get into the foam core of the ESO Strap?
No!  All our fabric's have a DWR coating to keep perspiration out of the core of your strap.  No more stinky strap.  Your welcome!
8. Why are there two adjustors?
Due to the shape of the ESO Strap we put adjustors on both sides of the contouring.  This enables you to accomplish the perfect length and never get in the way of your wireless pack.